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Facebook Chat Slows Down

Before you switch browsers, reset your Internet connection to determine whether network issues are at the root of Facebook Chat's slow performance. If unplugging your modem, waiting 30 seconds, plugging it back in and trying again doesn't work, switching chat programs is another option. Other instant messaging programs like Yahoo Messenger, MSN Chat and AIM are available for free download. Download one, create an account and invite your friend to chat in real time. AIM also offers Facebook integration, so you'll be able to speak to your Facebook friend without him having to download additional software.

facebook chat slows down

Loading the chat iframe is often a relatively expensive matter. A new chat page must be loaded within your page. This chat page often requires a lot of javascript and that takes time to load and execute. All in all, that has a significant impact on your lighthouse score. For example: our lighthouse score went down by no less than 35 points:

Many webmasters think that a chat widget simply slows down the page and that nothing can be done about this because they have little controle over the chat widget. They are partly right. The piece of javascript that you have to paste into your site does not directly cause the delay. The JavaScript initiates a series of actions on your page. Those actions slow down the webpage and indeed: you have little influence over that.

. First we have to wrap the chat widget around a function. And then call this function 1500 after the load event, when the main thread is most probably idle. When we implement this for the facebook chat plugin on this page you will eventually get this code

Facebook is another app that is notorious for slowing down your phone. The app loves to run in the background, seeing what you're up to. If you have Messenger installed as well, this is one of those apps that never sleeps (along with Snapchat).

Once in a while, I notice forum threads and chats online where people (usually digital marketers) have received complaints from their IT departments (that GTM slows the website down) and they are looking for some tips on how to improve page speed.

However, if you think that just by adding several items to the container, the site always significantly slows down, that is not the case. In another experiment, I had only 1976 constant variables (the container then reached 200kb size limit), the page loading time increased just by 0.1-0.3 seconds (Cells B17-E17).

With every new update Facebook gets, it tends to be incompatible with older versions of web browsers. In case you are using an older version, you must update it as Facebook slows down and/or gets corrupted.


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