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Peak Performers

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Travis MacGregor

Pittsburgh Pirates 

2016 2nd Round Draft Pick

"Your coaching helped to set a foundation for my success in high school and in the pros. The adjustments and keys to focus on in my delivery that you helped me with are tools I still use in the pros. The knowledge and experience of the game you have has allowed me to further my knowledge of the game such as pitch selection and how to deal with different situations presented to me."

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Nick Jennings

Commitment to St. Leo University

“I’ve been taking lessons from Marc for four plus years. He has helped me become the pitcher I am today. Marc has taught me so much about how to control the game, pitching sequences, and overall pitching IQ. Marc also taught me what to do when I’m on and off the field, including band work, running, arm care, and strength training. Marc is a skillful pitching coach, and has helped me get to the collegiate level.”

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Hutch Gagnon

Penn State Pitcher

"Since meeting Marc over 5 years ago, he has always been more than just a coach for me.  Aside from pitching, he has improved every aspect of my game.  I believe that Marc teaches the complete game of baseball, rather than just being a pitching/hitting coach.  Marc has taken my pitching ability, overall baseball ability, and my mental skill to the next level.   He has always been there to support me and talk me through all of my struggles as a baseball player.  I would not be in the position that I am today without Marc’s constant support.  I consider him to be my greatest mentor that I have met throughout my playing career."

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