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Hey framily! It's been a while! Suffice it to claim, I've rested on my hands for a little over a month leading up to the Draft and indeed, I'm still pinching myself to ensure this is actual, yet the Indianapolis Colts simply carried out the best draft heist in history and I'm concerning to explain why. Allow's begin with the Carolina Panthers and what they surrendered to go from 9th to 1st to select Bryce Young to start this year's NFL Draft. From this link on the Panthers' internet site, it says they gave the "Bears the 9th total pick in this year's draft, the late second-rounder obtained from the 49ers, together with following year's first-round pick, a 2025 second-rounder, and pass receiver DJ Moore to get to the No. 1 overall choice in this year's draft. " Prior to we ever before speak about the Colts' fourth pick in this course, we will need to begin with the reality that it appears the Panthers might have just stayed at 9 and taken former Kentucky QBnow Titan QB Will Levis. My first concern for this course will always be "Was it worth it for the Panthers to pass on Anthony Richardson after surrendering that much resources?" Mouth it with me "NO". Here's my most current podcast titled "The Welcome Home Episode". I remain in my second year of a podcast called The Coltist. My cohost Mateo Caliz you all know and love get with each other a number of times a month throughout the offseason and each week throughout the NFL normal season to keep you all approximately day on whatever going on with the Colts. Occasionally, I tape-record a podcast, upload it to YouTube and go to sleep at the same time. A post never ever obtains created. This is my bad. Here our most recent episode where we discuss each drafted gamer comprehensive! A great deal, and I suggest a lot needs to go right to maintain a QB upright and the very first time Bryce Young obtains ear-holed and you listen to whispers of "Tua", remember I told you so. I have actually been screaming this from the roofs that GMs are beginning to draft better professional athletes at every setting which these pass rushes are Olympic athletes and these offensive deals with are not that top quality of professional athlete. There are exemptions to every rule, so I don't wish to see a bunch of comments about "not all deals with", yet once again I'll ask the audience, would certainly you have traded up from 9 to 1 for this year's 1 and 2, next year's 1 and 2, and your ideal WR for the first total choice? Oh, if you say yes, your brand-new QB is 6'0" 200 pounds and I was that same dimension when I was 15 years old practically 25 years earlier. I can tell you that he is one hit from a collision cart at that size. We all are. Football is a dangerous that we've entirely destroyed Carolina for surrendering 5 people for 1 individual, we can proceed to the Houston Texans who we can agree not did anything incorrect at all by taking CJ Stroud with the second pick in the 2023 NFL Draft and that is where the oppression starts. My only request prior to you question that factor is to return and see 2023 OSU vs UGA and tell me CJ Stroud isn't the most effective QB possibility in this course from a pure passer under duress standpoint, which he will certainly be under discomfort in Houston. The Colts have a formidable defensive interior that Stroud is unsatisfactory of an athlete to prevent that. What Houston DID do, nonetheless, is offer the Indianapolis Colts the chance to pick the very best sports possibility at the QB setting the NFL has actually ever before seen. Yes, children, you know exactly how Chris Ballard likes traits? From a measurable, physical point of view, Anthony Richardson is the next model of a terrific quarterback. Houston could have remained Out of the Method, let an additional QB-hungry group raise and take Anthony from the Colts, and force them into staring down the barrel of taking Will Levis with a Leading 5 choice. The next inquiry after "Was it worth it for the Panthers to surrender a 5-for-1 for Young?" is for Houston and it's "Would certainly you quit newbie defensive lineman previous Alabama DT Will Anderson in exchange for your 12th overall pick, their 33rd overall selection, along with their own 2024 very first rounder and a 2024 third-rounder to Arizona. In exchange, they obtained the third overall selection". Houston had the 12th pick, their QB of the future, and chose to surrender a 4-for-1 to select a lineman. I don't ever desire to listen to a word concerning the Quenton Nelson choose 've now assessed the picks in advance of the Colts and figured out that Carolina overpaid and mortgaged their prompt future for someone I examine if he has the dimension to endure the roughness of an NFL normal seasonfrom minute one. "I think we'll be able to take the very best gamer in this draft" when asked if he fit sitting at the fourth choice. In ten years when AR has several prizes allow's revisit this, shall we? I have guaranteed Ballard this entire time due to the fact that I truthfully believe he's one of the ideal GMs in the NFL and has actually verified himself qualified over and over again. I intend to take a moment to extol our team here at Stampede Blue, particularly Chris Shepherd. My man invests a great deal of time and is devoted to his craft as are the remainder of my peers below. He had a listing of draftable potential customers entering into this draft and we found ourselves surprised that we were able to take the gamers that we took AFTER we had already chosen AR. I claim this to say, I'm really unsure what I'm a lot more ecstatic regarding, the AR pick or the remainder of the Colts 2023 Draft class, really. I think Josh Downs is going to be a problem for years to come. Choosing him after taking JuJu Brents just loaded my heart with delight since I understand both of those gamers are mosting likely to do terrific of the important things I want to require time to address is the difference between a traditional dropback passer and a sports or running QB. The Colts, for the record, have deployed at starter PFM, CP, PR, MR, and JB matters as a fifty percent because he's nearly athletic enough yet all these people' highlights are from throws made inside the pocket 4. 5 dropback passers versus 3. 5 professional athletes at starting QB if you count AR. My individual thoughts are that Jimmy Butler and Jacoby Brissett are basically the very same person and we're all just a coinflip far from the much better or even worse version of ourselves. Things about AR that I've seen is regardless of his dimension and sports capability, some of his "wow" minutes are simply darts in traffic or bombs from the pocket. It stands out, actually. You see a large, athletic person like that and think Cam NewtonBen Roethlisberger and I truthfully assume AR is way different than either of those players. I wish it's since he's taught spatial understanding and emotional intelligence initially. Look at the Cincinnati Bengals violation the last couple of years. They are hideous on 1st and 2nd down but are just flatout unstoppable on 3rd down. That's the bare minimum I anticipate out of AR. Joe point Joe Burrow has actually shown us is that you can be white and sports enougheven after a knee injury to be very efficient in and beyond the pocket. He's resilient, he recovers from mistakes quickly, hits the evident things and after that can flat-out huck it deep, amirite? This is the sort-of bare minimum I can obtain a sense of out of AR. That's a crazy floor!The ceiling is somewhere below Patrick Mahomes but he might be better than Aaron RodgersDan MarinoTom BradyJosh AllenLamar Jackson and them. Possibly not up there with PFM and I'm still not done digesting Luck's film. It's just a thing of appeal I desire to see to it to expect Caleb Williams out of USC. I believe when we look back to the last two decades from 2005-2025, there's an opportunity, that the Colts have a QB who is offered reliable from within the structure of the infraction and resistant despite blazing problems? Absence of experience and inadequate in short-yardage scenarios are attached and reparable. You can't make a person become a professional athlete. Men don't go from being non-athletes in college to athletes in the pros. You had to have all of that, as well. AR needs those repeatings with his teammates he'll be working with on gameday one of the most. My disagreement is zero of his previous throws matter or matter for or against him up until after he and Josh Downs played catch in a resort auto parking whole lot the other night. When we get to training camp and preseason, if we hear rumblings of an absence of maturity or see extremely inaccurate short-yardage passing, come at me concerning these problems because to me they are non-issues. Or else, we require to allow this child breathe. There is so much pressure and I truthfully wish he songs it all out. He's obtained the type of possible you generally have to offer your whole franchise away to obtain. The Colts obtained to take him and likewise have an or else impressive draft. Including 11 gamers in a draft is outstanding for your young roster, as are all the UDFAs the Colts reached authorize, several of whom were extremely draftable leads that slipped through the cracks. Remember, the draft and player examination are not ideal procedures. There will certainly be misses. My miss from this draft will be TE Will Mallory because he blundered experiencing this procedure and that screams an absence of interest. His daddy is a well-known instructor, his family members has plenty of trainers and he is an excellent athlete despite his slip-up. Football is a mental game and you need to be all-in or you're a hinderance to your team. I'm just stating! I assume the Colts are a three-point landing spot because his uncle Curt is the head train of the Indiana State Sycamore football group down in Terre Haute, Indiana a little over an hour outside of Indianapolis which can be a neighborhood source of ideas. Yes, I believe vanishing at the Senior Dish is a fault. He required to stick out! That's all I'm claiming. There's something to be claimed concerning knowing where you're going and simply attempting to make it right into the loving arms of an NFL franchise, all of that, the Colts went QB, CB, WR, OT, DT, CB, S, TE, RB, SIDE, CB, OT with their picks positionally, breaking down to 1QB, 1RB, 1TE, 2OT, 1DT, 1EDGE, 3CB, ONE. Just as you and I thought, the Colts were light in the secondary and In the Trenches. 4 choices went to the additional, 4 went to the trenches, 4 proficient players or individuals that touch the football were composed. I think Evan Hull could lead to and complement JT nicely. Really, all a player needs to do to do well at this factor is make every effort to improve every day and remain healthy and balanced and interested in football when your time comes. Anything can take place and I suggest anything, amirite!? Again, while I'm overjoyed regarding the future of the Indianapolis Colts, I wish to ensure we temper our assumptions. We have a first-year head coach and quarterback. Among our most likely leading WRs is a newbie as is potentially among each of our starting additional and an electrician could quite possibly all log serious repeatings as young players. Oh, and special teams! Youthful groups often tend to make errors on points like unique groups and in high-pressure scenarios. Year-to-year, the ordinary NFL group enhances their record byto be bothering with "OMG what are we going to do at QB?" We've addressed that for close, those of you that have actually been adhering to along recognize that for the last year and a change, I have actually been in CPT with the VA for PTSD related to my time in solution. Part of that has to do with the fact that when I got on active service in the Marine Corps infantry over 15 years ago, my finest buddy, roommate, and battle friend died while likewise on energetic duty stateside. They located drug in his system in autopsy, so they removed the SGLI his family would obtain and provided him an OTH discharge. For a very long time, I really felt liable for his death due to the fact that I had not been there to avoid it from taking place and since I really felt responsible for him personally. Likewise, I was medically separated from the Marine Corps 6 months after his death. I had separated my shoulder and my first rib, broken bones in my arm, and have nerve damages as a result of a neck injury received during our work-up for the 26th MEU that my device made me train with against my will certainly that caused me not being able to really feel the fingers in my right-hand man still to now! I improved! At some point, they sent me to one more unit, I obtained surgery and PT. I prepared to get back to ass-kicking! They provided me a bunch of money and sent me home rather. Hmm. That's odd, appropriate? Put a pin in that. I located out in 2018 that he was killed. My goal is to clear his name without burdening his household. Likewise, I don't understand those people and this isn't about money. I am dealing with the Damaged Warrior Task, however they have actually let me understand that since "there's nothing in it for me", there are no lawful assets from WWP to aid me clear his name. I honestly believe we can do anything. I think that if people are extremely motivated, all I need to do is become part of a winning team and I can remove my buddy's name simply by telling his tale as I increase in the training profession since people are mission-oriented and this is a Worthy Cause, is it not? His name was RJ Fi! See you in a pair of weeks!


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