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Wheels Of Lull Walkthrough

the lullian shield doesn't do it's epicness for me, after bashing masscroft for thousands of times everytime only falling back an inch, I only once made him go ballistic, the same goes for the guards and the golem, is there a way to fix this? Love the rest of the mod though, dialogue, plot and the amount of custom meshes that all fit in perfectly is amazing!

wheels of lull walkthrough

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It looks like the summer lull of the last few weeks is finally coming to an end, with the arrival of several new games today. Heading up the list is the PlayStation 2 version of Codemasters' highly anticipated TOCA Race Driver, which has apparently proven a big pre-order hit already. In a break from tradition the game features an actual storyline for players to follow rather than the usual faceless career mode, not to mention some great wheel-to-wheel racing on the track, a bewildering array of cars to drive and all manner of Surround Sound audio effects along the way. Look for a full review next week. After numerous delays, Zoo Cube has arrived this week as well. A mind-bending puzzle game for both GameBoy Advance and GameCube, it's well worth a look if you fancy something to exercise your reflexes. Meanwhile Xbox fans finally have something to celebrate with the arrival of Aggressive Inline, a Tony-Hawks-on-rollerblades affair which made a big impression when we reviewed the PlayStation 2 version recently. Somewhat less exciting is the appearance of Slam Tennis on the Xbox. And even PC owners are getting in on the action this week, with the PC port of Xbox masterpiece Moto GP belatedly reaching the beige box. If it's half as good as the console version it should be well worth a look. New Releases - CubeZoo CubeGBAZooCubePCGoreMoto GPProject EarthPSX No new releases PS2TOCA Race DriverXboxAggressive InlineSlam TennisRelated Feature - UK Release Date List 350c69d7ab


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