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Vsevolod Hunchback

Buy Artiste Cricut Cartridge ((BETTER))

**You will need a Cricut machine that is Design Space compatible to digitally link your collections to your account. Any of the Explore models or the New Maker will do. If you already own some or all of the Close To My Heart collections in cartridge format, with the right cutting machine, you can link these collections digitally as well. Click here for a short video to learn how.

buy artiste cricut cartridge

I feel the same way as Cynthia, I have an older machine that works great. I enjoy using it for everything from card making to scrap-booking and my son even uses it for his school projects. My question is do you have any of the physical cartridges in storage? I have about 4 from CTMH and I would love to have a couple of the older ones. I am betting Cynthia would like to have a few too.

How fun! How do we link our cartridges with the Cricut Marker? Is there somewhere on the Consultant website on what we can say to promote with our Cricut affiliate to advertise to our FB page to let people know to go to order the retired cartridges? Many Thanks!

If you have a newer Cricut machine that does not have a slot on it to accept a cartridge, like the Maker, you can link your cartridge collections directly to the Design Space software by using a Cricut Cartridge Adapter. The Cartridge Adapter is an external adapter that connects to Design Space through an available USB port on your computer or laptop without requiring a machine.

Narelle, thank you so much for sharing these handbooks! It makes life so much easier when you are matching stamps to cut images for the CTMH cartridges! Since you asked if there were any requests, I'd love to have the Art Philosophy cartridge as well! Thanks again for your help and sharing! Paige

We are over-the-moon excited about this program and cannot wait to welcome more artists to our community to better reflect who we are today and who we are evolving to be in the future. For more information about how the program works and how to apply, please visit

These cartridges fit the original Cricut Personal Cutter and also the Cricut Expression, Cricut Expression V2, Cricut Create, Cricut Mini, Cricut Explore one, Air and Air two. They can work along side the Cricut Maker but an adapter cable would be required. (Sold separately to the machine). 041b061a72


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